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We Are Hiring!

Medical Laboratory Technologist: Perform medical tests, analyze lab results and prepare reports; open, assess, and qualify samples for processing; conduct a chemical analysis on a wide variety of samples; coordinate the recording of the results; operate complex equipment and computer programs; implement the latest sampling and analysis methods; improve techniques tailored to changing needs; supervise two lab technicians who prepare laboratory samples; communicate with colleagues regarding testing and procedure; prepare reports and make presentations to staff and clients; ensure quality assurance and governmental standards are being followed; investigate and study the precision and accuracy of results and equipment; calibrate and maintain lab equipment; adhere to laboratory protocols and safety standards; make recommendations regarding methodology and equipment improvement; and maintain knowledge of current developments in the industry.

A U.S. Bachelor’s, or foreign equivalent degree, in molecular genetic technology, biology, microbiology, or medical laboratory technology is required. An educational equivalency evaluation of the degree as prepared by a credentials evaluation service is acceptable. Five years of progressive experience as any type of medical laboratory technologist, biologist, microbiologist, or clinical laboratory technologist is required. Mon-Fri; 40 hours/wk.

Send your resume to APC Health LLC 2817 Miller Ranch Rd. Suite 317, Pearland, Texas 77584 (Attn. Rohan Nath)