Blood Testing

Blood testing is the single most important preventive tool you can use to help ward off health problems. APC Health makes it possible to take advantage of that tool.

Get a picture of your overall health. Identify potential disease risks. Test for specific problems with comprehensive blood test panels and individualized tests like these:

•Male and Female Comprehensive Wellness Panels

•Cardiac Risk Factors

•Vitamin Deficiencies

•Hormone and Thyroid Panels

•Metabolic and Chemistry Profiles

Heart Health Knowing and lowering your cholesterol is not necessarily enough to stave off heart disease. APC Health has identified distinct heart disease risk factors and offers blood test assessments for them.

Hormones Anti-aging experts agree the first step for living a long, healthy and happy life is hormone restoration. Many doctors believe that hormones contain the juice of youth.

Men’s Health Concerns The list of men’s top health concerns is surprisingly short — including heart disease, cancer and erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, most threats to men’s health are largely preventable.

Women’s Health Concerns Few topics have attracted as much attention in recent years as women’s health concerns. For decades, physicians often neglected such conditions as heart disease, weight management and hormone depletion in women.

Vitamins & Minerals Vitamin imbalances could be causing or contributing to your health issues. Many experts believe that hair loss, brittle nails, insomnia, rashes, and even fatigue are often associated with nutritional deficiencies.

Kidney & Liver From regulating blood pressure and electrolyte concentrations, to synthesizing complex molecules, the kidneys and liver are involved in a wide variety of biochemical reactions that promote whole-body homeostasis. Regular blood testing can help to ensure these vital organs are functioning normally.

Immune Status Our bodies’ ability to demonstrate an immune response and defend itself against disease or foreign substances is done through both the innate and adaptive immune system. This layered defense can be compromised as a result of many immunodeficiencies – which can often be identified through blood work.

Allergies Management of allergies typically involves avoiding specific triggers. However, those triggers must first be identified. An allergy blood test is safe in that the person is not exposed to any allergens during the testing procedure.

Wellness Our long-term goal at APC Health is to research and publish innovative anti-aging and optimal health strategies. The laboratory services we offer are at the forefront of our efforts to help you avoid problems or deal with them more effectively.